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Etch & Engrave aims to design and create personalised laser products available to every household which capture treasured life moments. "Leaving your mark with light"

How family inspired my business...

On the 19th February 2014 my Wife gave birth to our beautiful daughter Jessica. At the time we both worked full time and knew one of us would need to take time out to raise our baby girl. Financially it made more sense for my Wife Catherine to return to work, however we both agreed if possible we wanted Jessica to spend her early years with a parent at home. I opted to take enhanced paternity leave and after 3 months made the difficult but rewarding decision to give up my job and focus solely on raising Jessica and became a stay at home Dad.

The last 3 years has been challenging and taught me skills i didn't know I had, but they have been the most rewarding years I have experienced to date. Best of all I have a little girl who I can proudly say I have raised who has taught me how to be a daddy! Time has flown by and Jessica is growing everyday in size and personality so I felt it was time to support my home life with a new venture I can develop as she begins nursery and school.

Etch & Engrave was born out of the experience at home raising Jessica and harnessing the importance of quality family time. I am so grateful as a Dad to have watched that first crawl, her first steps, shape her vocabulary and share moments many Dad's would dream of. Each of those moments reminded me of the value of life events, occasions and family. Etch & Engrave has given me the platform to express creativity in designs which capture those moments forever.

Powered by the best in class Epilog Laser which sits at the heart of my design studio and workshop I begin my new chapter. It can't be harder than weaning, potty training and tantrums right??? 

Stuart Cox
Owner & Laser Technician (AKA Daddy)
Etch & Engrave